Mickey A. Reynolds Scholarship

Who was Mickey Reynolds?

Mickey A. Reynolds began his career as a Social Worker with Bedford Social Services in Bedford, Virginia on November 3, 1980. From his first Child Protective Services case assignment to his last on September 29, 2000, six day before his untimely death, his inspirational style of case work and concern for his fellow man made his colleagues strive for higher goals and commitment to the profession of social work. The protection of children from abuse was his stock and trade. Mickey had the gift that never allowed him to become cynical about troubled families and its individual members. He firmly believed that child abuse is the result of a social consequence of certain events and as a CPS worker it is those “events” that must be understood before casework could begin. He believed in strengthening families in order to keep them together, and if there was no resource available he set about the task himself to become the family’s mentor, counselor, mediator, and friend. . Individuals in his caseload had around the clock access to him. He believed families only benefited from Respite Care and not Foster Care. Mickey was quiet, unassuming and often unconventional. He had extraordinary impact on the development and functionality of a host of community resources. Through many hours of volunteer time at the Free Clinic, Pride in Parenting, Youth Haven, Area Food Bank, and many other programs, he left his legacy to the Bedford Community. As a CPS Worker, his thoughtful counsel was sought by both regional and state staff for policy and procedure implementation, which has resulted in standards of practice for CPS investigations and services in Virginia. It has only been since his untimely death at age 51, that his clients, agency and community have realized the full impact of Mickey Reynolds’s mission.

Mickey Reynolds Memorial Scholarship Application

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