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Attached is the Alliance Membership application for 2019.  All Service and Self Sufficiency staff are welcome to join as Practitioners.  We also welcome Non-Practitioners! VASWP Memebership App 2019-2020 (1)

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The Virginia Alliance of Social Work Practitioners (VASWP) is an organization dedicated to promoting the professional development of Family Services and Self Sufficiency Specialists in public agencies across the Commonwealth. As first responders to the human condition, Services Specialists in each of Virginia’s local Departments of Social Services are in a unique position to positively impact the family, our basic unit of society.

VASWP seeks to bind these workers together as a team, in collaboration with our sister affiliates, to improve the practice, raise awareness around issues that are critical to the success of our departments and ensure quality outcomes for our clients and our communities. As affiliates of the Virginia League of Social Services Executives, the members of the Virginia Alliance of Social Work Practitioners realize the need for an organization to create and promote mutual understanding, fellowship and cooperation among ourselves; to develop, through our united efforts, sound progressive social planning and effective methods of interpreting our work to the public, and to render the highest quality service to those who need our help.

VASWP members are influencing decision about code, policies and programs. They are keeping administrators and legislators informed as only a practitioner can. They are advocating for the needs of the front line worker and supervisor, without whom the business of our agencies could not be done. We welcome you to explore this website further. Find out about the work of the committees and how you can help them to maintain their dynamic approach to needed changes. We need your perspective, your talents and your support.