We, the members of the Virginia Alliance of Social Work Practitioners, realize the need for an organization to create and promote mutual understanding, fellowship and cooperation among ourselves; to develop, through our united efforts, sound progressive social planning and effective methods of interpreting our work to the public, and to help us render a more skilled service to those who need the service we have to offer.

The name of the organization shall be the Virginia Alliance of Social Work Practitioners.


  • To promote and interpret, through united efforts, a sound, economical, efficient social services program, in order to render a more skillful service to the people of the State.
  • To propose and support legislation, which would improve and benefit the public welfare, and social work practitioners of local Departments of Social Services.
  • To promote cooperation and understanding among the local, regional, and state levels of the Department of Social Services, and public, private, and governmental organizations.
  • To promote the growth and development of the Alliance and the active participation in its affairs by all members.
  • To engender the highest standards for those personnel in the field of social work by:
    Providing and/or cooperating in the provision of programs for inservice education, formal training and professional development.
    Promoting personnel principals designed to enhance opportunities in the public social work field.
    Fostering professional identity.
    Providing a mechanism for support through networking and active participation in the Alliance.