Employment Services and Child Care issues

  • Participated in Market Rate Study Committee
  • Participated in the State’s Roundtable Sessions on TANF Reauthorization
  • Reviewed & made recommendations on VIEW Draft Transmittal

Representatives on VA DSS Committees, Panels, and other groups including the Services Automation Steering Committee, OASIS Expert Panels, State/Local Foster Care Work Group
Adult Services and APS issues

  • Legislative and policy efforts that established APS Training Standards

Presentations before Committees of the General Assembly and Joint Commission on Health Care
CPS, Foster Care, Adoption and Family Services issues – advocated for

  • Development of protocols for handling critical incidents including child fatalities
  • Study of Kinship Care to support families
  • Critical review of legislation and other interventions to protect abandoned babies
  • Exploration of Family Drug Treatment Courts to more effectively address parental substance abuse